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Civil & Commercial Litigation

We conduct complex, multi-party litigation in an efficient and time cost-effective manner.

Our firm has acted, primarily as plaintiff’s counsel for individuals and companies, against:

  • Banks
  • Stock Brokerage Firms;
  • Commodities Brokerage Firms
  • Insurance Companies;
  • Construction Companies;
  • Professional Associations, including the College of Physicians and Surgeons and the College of Dental Surgeons
  • Lawyers
  • Engineers
  • Accountants
  • Business Partners

Some representative civil and commercial cases in which Mr. Barker appeared as lead counsel include:

The Toronto-Dominion Bank v. Tony Carotenuto and others 48 BCLR (3d) 284 (Court of Appeal):
Acted for a number of investors in a dispute with the bank as to who had title to a substantial sum of money from an individual accused of civil fraud.

Ian J. Ward & Company Limited v. Gilbert 1990 CanLII 945 (Court of Appeal) & 1991 CanLII 1573 (Court of Appeal)
Acted for shareholding partners as to substantial claim for damages.

Harland, Janzen, Klokstad & Warwicker v. Global Futures Corporation and others 1993 CanLii 384 (BCSC)
Acted for a group of commodities market investors who has been “sold” on a means of beating the risks inherent in the commodities market

Salberg et al v. Touche, Ross and Co. 1991 CanLII 2347 (BCSC)
Acted for business seeking substantial damages from accountants for negligence

Fraser v. Houston, Addwest Minerals International Ltd. and others 2005 BCSC 1781; 2006 BCCA 66 (Court of Appeal)
Acted for party to a settlement agreement in action to enforce that agreement.

Commercial Electronics Ltd. v. Savics 2011 BCSC 1275
Acted for homeowner being pursued for damages arising from the installation of a home entertainment system.

Kessel v. Rikxoort 2012 BCSC 1270
Acted for a business partner being sued for significant damages

Daum v. Clapci 2014 BCSC 1524
Acted for business owner in action for breach of trust

Brule v. Rutledge 2015 BCCA 25
Successfully set aside a trial decision dismissing the plaintiff’s case on a no-evidence motion

Viitre v. BCSCPA BC Farm Industry Review Board, December 22, 2016
Acted for a dog owner whose dog was removed from him by the BCSPCA

Lawson 2005 Holdings Trust v. 0772835 B.C. Ltd. (The Brook) 2016 BCSC 1872
Acted for plaintiffs to renew a Notice of Civil Claim that was never served on a defendant