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Court of Appeal Practice

Some representative Court of Appeal cases in which Mr. Barker appeared as lead counsel include:

The Toronto-Dominion Bank v. Tony Carotenuto and others 48 BCLR (3d) 284 (Court of Appeal):
Acted for a number of investors in a dispute with the bank as to who had title to a substantial sum of money from an individual accused of civil fraud.

Ian J. Ward & Company Limited v. Gilbert 1990 CanLII 945 (Court of Appeal) & 1991 CanLII 1573 (Court of Appeal)
Acted for shareholding partners as to substantial claim for damages.

Fraser v. Houston, Addwest Minerals International Ltd. and others 2006 BCCA 66 (Court of Appeal)
Acted for party to a settlement agreement in action to enforce that agreement.

Brule v. Rutledge 2015 BCCA 25
Successfully set aside a trial decision dismissing the plaintiff’s case on a no-evidence motion